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Staffordshire Animals
$225 inclds ship.

Pearlware Pigeon Tureen

Wonderful early Pigeon tureen c.1800-10, gorgeous molding & painting, pearlware glaze, 7" L x 5" T, excellent condition, minor glaze flake back of bird's crest & back side of tail.

$75 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Cat & Dog Group

Hard to find large charming figure, is the cat taunting the dog or just watching? Excellent condition, lovely gold highlights, 6" T x 6-1/2" W, c. 1880.

$185 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Spaniel with Nursing Pup Quill

Very rare charming quill holder c.1850, cobalt blue & soft gold, intricate molding mother's ears are separate from the body, restoration to stress lines on front paws, excellent condition.

$195 inclds ship.

Mini Poodle with Pups Figure

Lovely little figure with 3 pups one is looking up c.1860 medium hard paste 2-1/4" T x 3-3/4" W, excellent condition.

$275 inclds ship.

Antique Staffordshire Leopard Spill

Leopards are rare in Staffordshire pottery, this spill c.1860 is wonderful 7-3/4" T x 6" W Parr factory, crisp molding, small chip to spill invisibly restored, very minor wear to brown on base, excellent condition.

$50 inclds ship.

Antique English Staffordshire Fish Jug

This is the only Staffordshire Fish figure & it is lovely, c.1870, pink mouth, orange fins, green seaweek, 7" T, excellent condition.

$195 inclds ship.

Antique English Staffordshire Kennel Group

Sweet group with deep purpley red mother spaniel with black baby spaniel on top of kennel, c.1860, soft gold, blue tinged glaze, 6" T excellent condition, minor flaking to green of grass at the corner.

$40 inclds ship.

Kitten in Shoe Trinket Box

Sweet little covered box c.1870-80, the kitten's face is sweet, there is lovely details, 3-5/8"T x 5"L, excellent condition, 2 glaze imperfections on shoe tongue.

$195 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Playing Poodle on Cobalt Base

Sweet mini poodle on lovely cobalt blue base ready for play c.1855, 2" T, soft gold, restored tail, excellent condition.

$250 inclds ship.

Rare Staffordshire Elephant Figure

Very rare large Elephant c.1870 on broad palm tree embossed base, 7-1/2" W x 5-1/2" T, excellent condition, scuff to one tusk, seam line on back.

$75 inclds ship.

Miniature Staffordshire Sheep Group with Leaf

Adorable tiny sheep c.1860 just 1-7/8"T, cute little faces, nibbles to base edge, excellent condition.


Brown Small Stffordshire Spaniels

Charming pair of russet spaniels c.1850, soft gold highlights, female 6-3/4"T, male 6-7/8" T, excellent condition with wear to the gold, small expansions fissures on the right hand spaniels which are original to manufacture.

$275 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Cow & Milkmaid Spill or Creamer

A large beautiful cow with open or mooing mouth c.1860, soft gold highlights 8.5"T x 9"W, stress line in glaze on face, touch up to minor flaking of colors, excellent condition.

$550 inclds ship.

Rare Early Staffordshire Cats with Book

Amazing figure c.1830, lovely soft gold, very detailed the book reads "Tommy make room for your uncle", 5-1/4"Tx6-3/4"Wx5"D, excellent condition, possibly Derby.

$250 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Jackfield Cats

Beautiful pair c.1850 wonderful soft gold details (worn on left cat's nose), 7-1/4"T & 7"T, this is a rare pair, three nibbles underneath left cat's base edge only, excellent condition.

$150 inclds ship

Staffordshire Rabbit Figure

Crouching rabbit c.1860 Parr factory, 3-3/4"L x 2-1/4"T, stress line on base, excellent condition.

$95 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Spaniel Box or Humidor

A large gold locket & collar make this substantial spaniel box stunning, c.1870 unusual terracotta pottery for a Staffordshire Spaniel box 6"T x 5-1/2"W, tiny kiln touch at base, excellent condition.

$125 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Medium Size Hen on Nest

Lovely soft coloring around hen's eyes, c.1860, 6-1/2" T x 7-1/2" W a great size for displaying hens graduated in size, short underglaze stress line along back seam, usual nibbles to inside ledge, excellent condition.

$295 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Standing Basket Poodles Quills

Hard to find lovely pair c.1850 cobalt blue bases textured tails lovely flower detail 5-1/4"T female slightly smaller than male, fritting at back of one base, excellent condition.

$50 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Pink Luster Cow Creamer

Bright pink luster decoration, original cap, c. 1930 excellent condition.

$155 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Poodle with Basket & Shell

Very rare to find these little shells on figres, an adorable poodle with textured coat c.1850, soft gold highlights, small kiln fissure under base original to manfacture, excellent condition.

$125 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Jackfield Hen on Nest

Stunning black hen with exceptional soft gold highlights, 7-12"W x 6"T, charming raised dots on hen's back, small glaze chip to her red comb, gold worn on nest edge, c.1860 excellent condition.

$40 inclds ship.

Terrier & Horse Racing Motif Box

Unusual little box with horse racing theme & sweet little terrier c.1880, jockey's hat & crop, 3-1/4"W x 1-1/2H x 2-1/4"D, excellent condition.

$115 inclds ship.

Underglaze Black Staffordshire Spaniels

Charming pair probably from Yorkshire or the North country c.1860, black spots are under the glaze, 6"T kiln touch at left dog's toe, excellent condition.

$195 inclds ship.

Antique Staffordshire Elephant Spill

Unusual figure c.1860 with an early Parr factory palette, pink inside spill ferns on base 8.5"T, touch up to paint flakes on blanket & ear, excellent condition

$150 inclds ship.

Early Pearlware Hen Tureen

Rare & early C.1830 pearlware hen with 7 chicks tureen (this figure was also produced later in 1860 and on but this is the early version which is rarely found) the hen has a split tail, 6-3/4" T, sympathetic retouching of black color, excellent condition.

$175 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Giraffe Figure

Lovely Giraffe with palm tree c.1915 marked "Old Staffordshire ware England" from the Kent factory, 5-1/2"T a lovely little figure excellent condition.


Staffordshire Pair of Terriers

Known as Billie the Rat Catcher, extremely rare, c.1855, blue tinged glaze, fine details, 6-1/4" tall, soft gold worn, restoration to tip of one ear & cracks to bases of each ear (ears all original), excellent condition.

$225 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Clock Group with Poodles Figure

Called the Three Graces this is a classic figural clock group with a trio of beautiful poodles c.1850 soft gold highlights (worn on clock face & collars), 9-1/2" tall, pearlware glaze, stress line on leg, small fissure and glaze irregularities commensurate with age, very good condition.

$250 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Judge Poodles Pair

A beautiful pair with separate front legs c.1850 soft gold some wear, textured coats 5-1/2" T excellent condition.

$40 inclds ship.

Reclining Cow Family Set of Three

Charming set c.1870-80, adult cows are 2-1/2"T x 3-1/4"L, calf is 1-3/4"T x 2-1/8"L possibly continental excellent condition.

$225 inclds ship.

Staffordshire Cow & Maid Creamer

Early c.1820 creamer with lots of charm, sponged decoration 5-1/2"T x 6-1/2"L, restored to crack to all original tail & 2 front ankles, replaced one horn, excellent condition.


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